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NECE - Networking European Citizenship Education: “Participation Now! Citizenship Education and Democracy in Times of Change”, 21-24 November 2012, Córdoba (Spain)

NECE - Networking European Citizenship Education - Conference

“Participation Now! Citizenship Education and Democracy in Times of Change”
21-24 November 2012, Córdoba (Spain)

This year´s NECE Conference will address current phenomena concerning democracy and participation in the face of worldwide processes of change. The developments in the Arab world after the “Arab Spring” in 2011 and the crisis of the EU will be the focus of attention.

Due to the financial crisis the European project is on the one hand experiencing the worst crisis in its history, coming along with a serious loss of trust in the legitimacy of democratic institutions on the national and the European level. On the other hand, via movements, demonstrations, social networks or online campaigns many citizens of Europe express a strong demand for more direct and different participation and more transparency.

In North Africa we observe tremendous changes in countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. Citizens demanding change organised mass protests that swept over borders and started a development that has the potential to sustainably change the whole region. As a consequence, old authoritarian regimes have been overthrown in some countries and a process of transition has started under the critical observation of many citizens.

The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for dialogue and exchange among scientists, practitioners of citizenship and human rights education, governmental and non-governmental institutions from Europe and Arab countries in transition. The participants are supposed to analyse the situation on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea, by focussing on the question of participation, the relationship between citizens and political institutions and concepts of democracy.

Well-known political scientist Claus Leggewie, Director of the German Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities, and Noha El-Mikawy from the Ford Foundation in Cairo are going to deliver the keynote speeches with reference to these developments. Further speakers are amongst others Benjamin Barber, Nelly Corbel, Ahmed Driss and Fernando Vallespin.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Córdoba!

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