Friday, 14 September 2012

NEW manual on antiziganism

Berlin based educational youth centre Kaubstraße has published a manualon the theme of antiziganism. This handbook is one of the first existing in depth manuals on this topic and has been developed for pedagogues, socialworkers, educational and remembrance centres, for higher education and also for use in school contexts.
It offers methods for both formal and non-formal educational work on antiziganism and helps on discovering the history af Sinti and Roma in Europe for educational work.

The pedagocical approach focuses on educational worek with the different aspects of antiziganism.
The manuals first part collects information on historical and current existing antiziganism in Europe with a strong focus on germany; it further explores detailed the structure and functioning of antigypsie- resentiments.
The second part of the manual contains 26 thematic suggestions for exercises for groups plus additional exercises recommended by the authors. There is a padagocical introduction to each of the  methodical parts.

The book contains a dvd, with all text, pictures and filmmaterials for further use in seminars and workshops
The modules developed focus on everiday life experience and perceptions of young people, and allow for use in different contexts and with differnet motivated and interested groups of young people. the contain interactoiv discussion and positioning exercises, critical perception of antiziganistic behaviour in media communication based on Sources from TV and newspaper, film and music work, role plays, cardgames ending up in city bound methods.

So far the manual is unfortunately only available in German, the foundation EVZ (rememberance, responsibility and future) that generously supported the production of this manual could do a great job by offering other language versions!

get the manual at,2,393,7.html
handbook and dvd
ISBN: 978-3-89771-521-9
144 pages: 19.80 Euro
year: 2012