Monday, 22 October 2012

Civil Society Dialogue between the EU and Turkey - III Program (CSD-III) to be launched in Autunm 2012

Strengthening the social and cultural dialogue between the EU and Turkey is a component of the accession process which is equally crucial as the reform process in Turkey and the framework for accession negotiations. The social and culture dialogue between the EU and Turkey can however be ensured only through its permeation into civil society as the most effective force that can bridge the information gap, achieve better mutual understanding and provide a stronger awareness on future accessions.

In order to include civil society in this process, the Ministry for EU Affairs (MEU) of the Republic of Turkey has implemented various projects to promote the civil society dialogue between the EU and Turkey since 2005. As a continuation of these civil society dialogue projects conducted by the MEU, call for proposal of "Civil Society Dialogue between the EU and Turkey - III Program (CSD-III)” is going to be announced in November 2012.

CSD-III consists of two main grant components, Political Criteria and Media, and will be funded by the EU through a resource amounting to 9 million Euros.

As a requirement of the nature of the civil society dialogue, partnership between CSOs in Turkey and the EU is a must for grant projects to be funded under two components. With this aim, our Ministry gives high importance to the process of informing relevant stakeholders in the EU Member States effectively, and also aims to develop a partner database covering relevant CSOs from the EU and Turkey.

The assistance of relevant CSO networks and umbrella organizations, like yours, has in this context crucial importance. Any support from these networks and organizations to the process of development of the partner database and dissemination of information on the Grant Program would be highly appreciated.

Therefore, especially, if any, the sharing of existing and appropriate CSO databases with our Ministry and dissemination of the forthcoming Call for Proposal to your networks/member CSOs would be valuable contributions.

Please find attached the brief information about CSD-III. For further information you can contact with Mr. Murat BASER ( and Ms. Tugba Bozcaga ( from the Ministry for EU Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. You will also find further details on CSD projects at and

Murat Ba┼čer
Coordinator of CSD Projects
Directorate of Project Implementation
Ministry for EU Affairs
Mustafa Kemal Mah. 6.Cad.No:4 Bilkent/Ankara
Tel: +90 312 218 17 27 Fax: +90 312 218 14 54