Friday, 23 November 2012

Video Economic and Social Rights

The German non-profit / e.V. and edeos- digital education just released the next animated video clip within the series “Focus Human Rights”.

It can be viewed on Youtube as well:

The clip focusses on the second dimension of the Human Rights System, the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Additionally, it explains women's rights and shows how NGOs in the Human Rights sector -like Amnesty International- work.

The clips are licensed as Creative Commons. They can be used and distributed for free, for example as educational material, on social media channels or embedded on websites and blogs. If you like our work, please help us spread the clips online.

So far, besides of the new clip, the series consists of:
- An overview clip:
- A clip about the Political and Civil Rights of the first Dimension as well as Human Rights Violations and the History of Human Rights:

A clip about the Collective Rights of the Third Dimension, about the Evolution of the Human Rights System and its biggest Problems is coming soon.

More information about the project:

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