Tuesday, 11 December 2012

VOICE - the new HRE manual

"VOICE. Key competencies for citizenship education."
This is the title of the new HRE/EDC manual, published in English, Estonian, German, Slovenian and Turkish language, introducing key competencies oriented problem based learning into active citizenship education.

The manual is a result of two year Comenius multilateral project partnership. The project's consortium was composed of educational experts and practitioners from nine different institutions from Austria, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia and Turkey.

The manual itself is designed on basis of the Needs Analyses done in the participating partner countries in April and May 2011, and was tested on secondary schools as well as voccational levels of formal education in respected countries.

The VOICE manual is a toolkit which supports teachers and other professional educators in promoting students’ key competences for active citizenship and lifelong learning. Through competence-oriented learning and active learning it aims to develop young peoples’ learning-to-learn skills as well as their social and civic competences.

VOICE follows an interdisciplinary and integrated approach. The manual has been designed for teachers and educators of all subjects as a flexible, practice-oriented and user-friendly tool providing a set of options for activities. The modules and worksheets can be selected or adapted according to the given conditions in classroom (time-frame, student’s needs and competences, thematic priorities etc.).

The material is suitable for students between the ages of 14 and 18 and can be flexibly adapted according to your students’ differing levels of knowledge and competence.

More on the VOICE project nad manual on VOICE official project's website.

VOICE manual promotional workshops in Slovenia will be offered in 2013 by Center for Citieznship Education.