Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Free Download: Simulation Game on Education Reforms

Humanity in Action has developed a simulation on reforms in the educational system.

The game is designed for youth and adult education. It can be played with a group of 8-30 participants in 3-4 hours. The simulation manual (in English) contains detailed information for facilitators, the scenario and all role cards. It is now available for download in the HIA Teaching Tool Library.

The negotiation-based game addresses inequalities and structural discrimination within an educational system. The fictitious country Loristan just underwent a peaceful change in regime. One important task for the new government is to decide how education will be organized from now on. The Minister of Education initiated a Commission to come up with a recommendation for a new educational system.
The game simulates a meeting of this Commission, with the aim of developing a set of recommendations that will serve as the government’s vision for further development of the country’s educational system.

The educational objectives of the simulation are:
- familiarizing participants with different educational systems, including their advantages and disadvantages
- raising awareness of human rights-related problems in educational reform, such as rights of minorities or non-discriminatory educational policies
- raising awareness of conflicts among rights related to education

If you are interested in using the simulation, just download the manual and feel free to use it! Humanity in Action is grateful for any feedback on how to further improve this educational tool.