Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Free Download: Simulation Manual on Diversity Issues in the Public Service

Humanity in Action has developed a simulation on diversity issues in the public service.

The game is designed for youth and adult education. It can be played with a group of 11-30 participants in 4,5 hours. The simulation manual (in English) contains detailed information for facilitators, the scenario and all role cards. It is now available for download in the HIA Teaching Tool Library.

The educational objectives of the simulation are:
- Develop an understanding of different perspectives on the value of diversity to the public sector and employment
- Explore approaches to promoting diversity, including cultural competence in the workplace, blind applications, minority recruitment, and enforcement of quotas

The negotiation-based game addresses a fictitious scenario: A city has been facing problems with racial discrimination, highlighted by the release of two studies pointing to racial profiling by policemen and discriminatory hiring practices within the police department. A town hall meeting is summoned in order to decide what long-term reforms the police department should implement.

The game prompts participants to think about different approaches communities might choose to increase diversity and promote intercultural understanding amongst public servants. The game also refers to the international human rights framework that prohibits racial discrimination and calls on states to promote understanding between racial-ethnic groups.

If you are interested in using the simulation, just download the manual and feel free to use it! Humanity in Action is grateful for any feedback on how to further improve this educational tool.