Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Seminar: Sexual and gender identity in Europe as a topic in adult education - 29/09-05/10/2013, Akademie Waldschlösschen/Germany

While studying and working in the fields of adult education a professional reflection and confrontation with sexual and gender identities is rather rare. Against this background this seminar will explore and train options to a non-heteronormative, emancipatory adult education.
 We will face the question to what extent it will be possible and where, when and how we can provide space to lesbian, gay and transsexual topics and lifestyles. So that an emancipatory inclusion can become an initiative within political adult education and be part of the skills of individual professionals.
The seminar is aimed at people who work in adult education or prepare for it (ie adult education students, trainees in educational occupations etc.) and who are interested in the topic ...
 - because they work with Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transsexual/Transgender/Intersexual - LGBT*I "target groups" 
 - because they deal with the issue in other ways in their work
 - because they want to reflect heteronormative routines and related exclusions in their practice 
 and / or
 - because they want to reflect their own professional role / positioning as a lesbian, gay, trans* person in the context of adult education.

The training promises to be a unique experience for all participants – reflecting their gender and sexual biographies, getting to know gender theories and historical facts on social movements, getting connected with a broader view of emancipative and political adult education.
1) Interested persons should contact the organizer in order to recieve an application form. The deadline will be the 18th of April. 
2) Formal standards for receiving a GRUNDTVIG Grant you find HERE

Note: application deadline at any national agency will be April 30th.

GRUNDTVIG In service Training
Reference Number : DE-2013-1367-001
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29/09/2013 -05/10/2013 
Akademie Waldschloesschen

Contact and information:
Ulli Klaum
Akademie Waldschlösschen
37130 Reinhausen bei Göttingen

Fon +49 5592 / 9277-23
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