Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The EU Citizenship Report 2013 is out!

In its 2013 EU Citizenship Report, the Commission is putting forward twelve new actions in six key areas to further remove obstacles standing in the way of citizens’ enjoyment of their EU right.

They contain 

  • * the need to remove obstacles for workers, students and trainees in the EU 
  • *  protecting the more vulnerable in the EU
  • * participating in the democratic life in the EU

The small publication is published in the framework of the European Year of Citizens 2013. Worth reading are besides the 3 chapters mentioned above the reports on the actions taken by the EU on recommendation from the 2010 EU citizens report. Among the 12 new key actions recommended in the new report there is particularly the recommendation to propose constructive ways to enable EU citizens living in another EU country to fully participate in the democratic life of the EU by maintaining their right to vote in the national elctions in their country of origin.

Again the report underlines the view of the EC following a rather narrow approach of citizenship which followas a clearly legal orientation of citizenship.