Monday, 9 September 2013

Commission report on EU citizenship: acknowledging the central role of education

The European Commission has published a report Co-creating European Union Citizenship” which is a recent policy review from the European Commission echoing the theme of this 2013 European Year. The key findings of 15 research projects are presented in a broad range of policy areas to discuss the maturation of EU citizenship and the obstacles to its embracement by EU citizens. The “EMILIE” FP6 project reflected for instance on multicultural citizenship and concluded that democratic civic education required multicultural curricula, notably via the acquisition of intercultural skills by teachers and a better understanding of diversity by educational institutions. 
The report also concludes that civic education programmes should develop young people’s interest in political and civic affairs as well as civic skills.

Funny enough, despite from this study - having a look at the priorities of the current LLP-calls, it is hard to find any calls that really give citizenship educational issues a high relevance!