Friday, 11 October 2013

Report: Human Rights Education in Australia

Ever wondered what Human Rights Education "down under" looks like? Here's a new report:

Human Rights Education in Australian schools report (16 August 2013, download the report)
This study is the result of a collaborative effort between government and non-government organisations in all Australian states and territories involved in the important work of human rights protection and education. (...) This report documents the first national Australian investigation of the place of human rights education in the school curriculum of the new national curriculum and that of each state and territory, and the extent of current opportunities for teaching and learning about human rights. It has taken place at a time of an increased focus on human rights education, which is part of an effort led by the United Nations (UN) over the last two decades. Recently both the UN and the European Union (EU) have given strong support to human rights education. In 2010 the UN Human Rights Council, through its Advisory committee, produced a draft Declaration On Human Rights Education And Training and the General Assembly of United Nations adopted the declaration in December 2011. This means that access to human rights education and training is considered as a fundamental right and will apply to all levels and forms of education, from preschool to university. This report is one major step in the implementation of human rights education within out national school curriculum.