Monday, 13 January 2014

Call for Conference Partners: "Learning from each other - educational methods against right-wing radicalism and -populism in Europe”

Dear friends and colleagues,

The reason why I'm writing to you today is: I'm planning to do a conference (8.-11.9. 2014) about “Learning from each other -  educational methods used against right-wing radicalism and -populism in Europe”.

There had been - at least in Germany - quite a few conferences indicating and describing right-wing groups and organisations in different European countries: what their ideas are, how they develop, how they work, how they cooperated and so on.

The target of this conference is to share our methods, our experiences, and our ways of working against right-wing ideas. This might be in our institutions or in Street projects, in seminars or in school projects etc. The conference should present and discuss examples from different countries.

This mail is mainly to find people and institutions that are willing to contribute with examples and methods in this conference. So if you are interested to present please contact me as soon as possible.

If you're are not able or willing to share your own experiences but know someone who might be: please pass this on.
And if you think that you possibly might come as a participant please send me a short notice and I will put you on the list and I will keep you informed.        

“Learning from each other - educational methods used against right-wing radicalism and populism in Europe”. Languages: German/English
8.-11.9.2014 Internationales Haus Sonnenberg/St. Andreasberg (D)

Thanks for your time


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