Friday, 17 January 2014

News from DARE member MEDIEL, Belgium

One of our communication project submitted to the European Parliament has just been selected: "When young people turn into reporters", a 'citizen to citizen' initiative run by young people promoted in the role of citizen-reporters. These young reporters are taking the nation's pulse in 9 main cities+regions of Belgium with regard to the issues, aspirations and challenges of the major questions faced by the citizens in Belgium (and among them, also questions relating to human rights and democracy). The visibility is provided by 4 TV-programmes of 30 min. on the 2 national public channels (in French and Dutch), and internet.

Maybe in a topic we could interview/involve some actors in HR DARE members in Belgium and discover with them the challenges and the needs to act in collaboration with an international network as Dare...? We have to think about this...

André Bossuroy
Administrator and video director
37 rue de l'Eglise
1350 Enines