Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Register now: DARE e-Spring Academy 2014 - EDC/HRE under the new EU funding programs 2014-2020

Since 1st of January 2014 the new generation of funding programs underthe EU´s multiannual finacial Frame (MFF 2014-2020) is in action. The first calls for proposals are already communicated and the first deadlines for programs are coming closer (mid March and end of April).
Still EU funding is one of the most important resources for EDC/HRE projects in Europe, therefore we recommend to our members to closely investigate the new funding schemes offered by the EU between 2014-2020

The DARE network offers to its members (only!) the unique opportunity to join a free online academy devoted to the new generation of EU funding programs and get first-hand information on the content of the programs, the modalities of application and challenges and opportunities arising for EDC/HRE projects.
As the first deadlines for educational projects under the new funding schemes will be 17th of March and 30th of April 2014 the DARE e-Academy offers a perfect opportunity to kick-off new common projects and create winning partnerships.

The 1- hour lectures of the online academy are going to be held between 3 and 7th of February 2014 right after lunch time 13-14:00 CET and will investigate in detail several areas of EU funding that are of interest for EDC/HRE. This service is offered to DARE members only!

The lectures are going to be held by Georg Pirker (AdB) and (Anne Stalfort (Humanity in Action) both sharing a long track record of successful and unsuccessful EU project proposals!

To register for the e-Spring Academy please send an email to Georg Pirker ( not later than 30th of January 12 a.m. You will receive an email inviting you to the online course then.

Schedule of the e-academy

Monday, 03.02.2014,
Introduction into the logic of the new EU funding mechanisms for

  • Education and Training,
  • Citizens
  • Rights Equality and Citizenship
  • External Aid
  • Technical questions on application practicalities (e-forms, registration etc.)

Tuesday , 04.02.2014
Education and training Pt. 1: ERASMUS+
Program logic and support schemes for activities in the field of formal and non-formal work with young people

Wednesday, 05.02.2014
Education and training Pt. 2: ERASMUS+
Program logic and support schemes for Adult Education, Vocational Education and Training

Thursday, 06.02.2014
EU and Citizenship 

  • The renewed Europe for Citizens program: European Remembrance projects and citizens democratic involvement in the Europen Union
  • The new EU program for Rights, Equality and Citizenship 

Friday, 07.02.2014
Other funding mechanisms such as 
  • EU External Aid Programs, 
  • European social funds etc.
  • Summary of the online lecture
The e-Spring Academy is part of the new tools suggested by the DARE General Assembly for the DARE strategy 2014ff.