Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Call for partner: World Class Stories! International new year’s youth meeting on art`s and development December 28th 2014 – January 04th 2015, Sonnenberg e.V.

Sonnenberg Kreis e.V. is looking for partner organisations for the International youth meeting ‘World Class Stories! to be held at International House Sonnenberg (Germany) in December 2014/ January 2015. The youth meeting is to be implemented within the Erasmus+ Program

Project idea

50 young people from 5 countries meet in the Harz Mountains to talk and discuss about the global concept of development, to get creative and to experience an outstanding new year!
Based on the annual theme of the European Union 2015 „The year of development " we want to have a closer look on the meaning of global development on large scale. But in particular we want to deal with the meaning of development in and for our lives and society - for our self-realization? What and where do we want to develop? What drives us in life and what restrains and handicaps us in reaching our dreams?
But it`s not only about talking it`s about our Stories and Creative Art Productions, it`s about “Digital Story Telling”. Digital Storytelling combines the tradition of oral storytelling using multimedia computer technology. Stories will be audio- visually associated with images, video clips, animations and drawings - developing a special intensity and power. So based on creative art workshops like creative writing, drawing, photography, animation or film, we will create our own personal stories linked to development in our dreams and histories.
There will be a lot of different activities in the seminar, like workshop units, team building and off course nice free time activities. The highlight of the youth meeting however will be – of course beneath the global New Year’s evening – the final show where all the results will be presented: Stage off for your show!

We want to:
  • Learn about the concepts and meanings of development for global society and about the millennium development goals
  • Learn about the right for development as a individual and collective human right and
About chances and barriers for development
  • Create a safe frame for self-reflection about personal experiences, driving powers, dreams and fears
  • Establish a basis for getting aware of chances and freedom of choice in free time activities, job and family matters
  • Empower and inspire each other
  • Make transnational friends and share youth cultures and gain knowledge about daily life in the participating countries
  • Getting Creative and win new ideas for the creative expressions of own positions and ideas
  • Learn to listen to the stories of our surrounding and to be empathic
  • Work with audio and video specific programs

Let’s meet at Sonnenberg, get to know each other, explore the issue and exchange our thoughts and ideas!

Who can participate and what are the prerequisites for participation?
The project addresses young people with and without disabilities between 16 and 21– if you are a bit older or younger and still would like to join, you are most welcome to do so.

We are looking for around 5 groups of participants consisting of up to 9 participants + 1 group leader from each partner country. We hope to attract again partners from all over Europe and beyond for these traditional new year’s project

Participation fee and travel costs
The travel costs will partly reimbursed by the Erasmus+ program, depending on the distance. The remaining amount will be covered by the participants.

The participation fee to cover the project costs depends on the specific country respectively on the level of average income of the local surrounding of the participants groups and the costs of transport. It will charge between 120 Euros and 200 Euros per person (in detail: we set three categories: 120 Euro, 160 Euro and 200 Euro). To ensure the funding we have to find a mix of partners of the different fee categories.

The fee includes Board and lodging. Most of the participants will stay in four-bed-rooms with shared showers (simple accommodation style). There are a limited number of handicapped accessible single and double rooms with en-suite bathrooms.

Prerequisites for partners
  • As a partner you sign the partner agreement of the application of the Erasmus+ program, which you receive after you agreed to take part
  • You identify 8 participants (age 16-21) and 1 group leader from your country.
  • The group leaders will join us for the detailed content planning and implementation of the youth meeting. If you would like to join as a partner, but have no experienced person around – your youth leader can also join as participant.

Working languages
Depending on the needs of the participants, working languages will either be English or English and other languages (consecutive).

About Sonnenberg
Sonnenberg-Kreis e. V. is an independent and non-profit making organisation of international out-of-school education in Europe. For more than 50 years our guiding principle has been:”Talk together, overcome prejudice, understand one another, act responsibly”. With our conferences we invite participants of different national, ethnic-cultural and social origins and of different ideological background to discuss cultural and social issues, the economy and the environment, work and leisure, present-day politics as well as historical questions. Sonnenberg exclusively pursues educational and cultural aims. Its activities serve the promotion of international and intercultural understanding.

If you are generally interested in joining us as a partner, please contact us for further information until April 6th 2014!

Timo Steinert

(Bildungsreferent / Educational staff member)
Tel./Fon:           +49 (0) 5582/ 944 – 104
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