Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Policy-Development - the North-South-Centre (NSC) has launched the preparation of the regional GE seminar for the Baltic countries which will take place in 12-13 may in Riga. This seminar is organised in cooperation with the Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (LAPAS). It will gather formal and non-formal education practitioners as well as policy-makers to make an assessment of GE policy and practices in the region and take on board the Lisbon GE Congress recommendations as benchmark until 2015. This seminar is the third regional seminar -following the Visegrad regional seminar (September 2013) and the South-East and Mediterranean seminar (December 2013)- organised in the framework of the NSC-EC Joint Management Agreement for the promotion of GE in EU recent member States and candidate countries for the period 2013-15.  In the same perspective, a GE kick-off seminar is being organised in FYROM in collaboration with the Association for Democratic Initiatives (ADI) as the implementing partner. This seminar, which follows the seminar in Montenegro held in May 2013, precedes the kick-off seminars planned in the other EU candidate countries and Croatia until 2015.
Capacity-building -    in the frame of NSC e-learning scheme, two courses are taking place in February and March, the first on the Human Rights dimension of GE and the second on Intercultural dialogue. Approximately 50 international participants in each course get acquainted to HRE and ICD theoretical and practical approaches during this monitored 4 week course.   In the meantime, the NSC is preparing a new topic on Democratic Citizenship which will complete its e-learning scheme. The pilot course is foreseen for May 2014.
The Arabic and German versions of the Global Education Guidelines will be available on NSC website in the current of the first semester, summing to 9 languages the existing versions of the GEG, all accessible from NSC website.  The translation in Bulgarian, Greek and Montenegrin are under course and will be available for the second semester of 2014.

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