Friday, 28 March 2014

NECE Conference 2014 1914 - 2014: European Prospects, European Conflicts – How can Citizenship Education Intervene? - 16-18.10.2014, Vienna (Austria)

In remembrance of the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, NECE 2014 will focus on questions involving conflicts in Europe and the role citizenship education plays in conflict management and reconciliation processes. Against this backdrop, experts at this year’s conference will approach and discuss crisis and conflict intervention measures that involve citizenship education on a number of different levels.
Although the EU is a unique association of countries offering many opportunities and possibilities, crises within and between EU member countries are common, just as they are in regions that border on the bloc. Populist and nationalist resentments continue to pose a threat to Europe’s democratic constitution, although lessons learned from the First World War and other European conflicts have taught us it desperately needs to be preserved.
Can citizenship education today provide new ways of thinking, arguments and practical ways to solve and overcome conflicts? Not just at local and national levels, but also across borders? These questions will be discussed in the course of the NECE Conference 2014 in Vienna. The event will also pursue relevant theoretical and practical directions together with organisations from civil society and action groups.

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NECE Preparatory Workshop
30 March - 1 April 2014, Belgrade (Serbia)
In preparation for the NECE Conference taking place in Vienna in October 2014, the NECE Initiative will be hosting the European workshop “1914 – 2014: Conflicts and the role of citizenship education in conflict management and reconciliation” in Belgrade. A number of scholars, multipliers and civil society stakeholders from Southeast Europe have been invited to the event to discuss conflicts and the role of citizenship education in Europe today. The reference point of the workshop is the First World War, which in many countries is still regarded as “The Great War” – a conflict that even today continues to have an impact on collective memory, expressions of national identity and remembrance days and memorials. In this context, the NECE Preparatory Workshop will focus on issues involving historic and current conflicts, as well as conflict management and reconciliation in citizenship education in Europe today.

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