Friday, 4 April 2014

EDC for All - Qualifying and Mainstreaming Education for Democratic Citizenship within Europe - new project

In the framework of our EU Lifelong Learning Program co-funded project „“ EDC for All - Qualifying and Mainstreaming Education for Democratic Citizenship within Europe “ the partner organizations 

joined forces to advance the situation of EDC-learning with marginalized young people in Europe on the example of a portuguese-german-european collaboration.
The project was launched on 18-21 March 2014 in Sintra/Portugal and will last until October 2015.
DARE´s role in the project is to contribute to and qualify the single workstreams out of a european educational perspective. Therefore also the members of DARE will be encouraged to jojn meetings, contribute to the debates etc.
The project is funded in the EU LLP Leonardo Da Vinci Frame and aims to transfer innovation and innovative approaches from other countries to the portuguese context of EDC with young people. 
1) the translation and adoption of 3 manuals from the Council of Yourope Youth department into protuguese and german as well as the distribution and discussion of the manuals in the respective countries educational contexts The manuals offer tailormade educational approaches in the context of youth participation and introduce young people the aspects of Youth Participation in the COE context. in detail the manuals are: Have your Say!, EDC for ALL and EDC for ALL! Guidelines for Educators.
2) based on a practice and needs assessment of/for EDC games tareted on the involvement on youth rather non affected by EDC the consortium will develop an educational game that is especially designed for the reach out to the target groups that lack access to political participation in our societies. The key idea shall be on developing a game focusing on those who are or at least feel excluded from actively participating in democratic citizenship. The game concept will be discussed with European experts and be tested in practise on several portuguese, german and european seminars. It will be developed throughout 2014 and be available for public use in summer 2015.
3) Based on several study trips of non formal EDC providers from portugal to the Council of Europe Youth centres and to germen on-formal educational centres the protuguese partners will develop and built an Youth centre for non formal EDC work in the community of Sintra/portugal  which has the character of a role model for other - existing community centres in Portugal.
We will regularely report on the steps and success of this cooperation in the DARE newsletter. We encourage our subscribers to join this project by giving feedback or joining meetings in order raise the quality of the process and work.