Thursday, 10 April 2014

Europe Yesterday | Today | Tomorrow - Citizenship Days 2014 – 23 April to 9 May 2014 (Europe Day)

Europe Yesterday | Today | Tomorrow

The focus of Austrian Citizenship Days in 2014 is a geopolitically more limited Europe – the
European Union, whose Parliament elections will take place in spring 2014 – as well as the greater Council of Europe.

Citizenship Days are a forum for all topics related to citizenship education and will provide an opportunity to discuss and offer manifold approaches, including outreach programmes and methods. They create an opportunity for future-oriented discussions, while significant historic anniversaries are a time to analyse how the past relates to today:
•         Europe 100 years ago: the Great War
•         Europe 75 years ago: the beginning of World War II – “The Great War” must be renamed “World War I”
•         Europe 25 years ago: fall of the Berlin Wall – the Iron Curtain begins to crack.