Tuesday, 20 May 2014

EDC for ALL - project news: introducing the partnership

planpolitik offers concepts and solutions for political education, mostly about current global and European topics. We organise simulation games and trainings, we design workshops, conferences and seminars. We also develop educational online platforms, including for online simulation games.
Since its foundation in 2005, planpolitik has developed around 100 different simulation games and short interactive exercises and modules for teaching and training. planpolitik also offers a wide range of trainings, mainly on how to use interactive methods such as simulation games in seminars and workshops, as well as on negotiations, teambuilding, and conflict management.
The list of partners comprises governmental bodies, universities all over Europe, foundations, NGOs, as well as companies. In total we have been working together with roughly 100 different partner institutions in Germany and abroad. For further information, please visit our website www.planpolitik.de

In the "EDC for All" project we will be responsible for developing and producing a new game on youth participation that will then be disseminated all over Europe. In addition to that, we will translate the "Have your say" manual as well as the "Democracy and Human Rights - Charter for All" into German. Both, the new game as well as the translated manuals will be presented and tested during three trainings in Germany.


Dínamo  is a local youth NGO active in Sintra, Portugal in the field of Youth Participation and counts with the active participation of young people between 15 and 30 years old [mostly].
Since 2011 Dínamo is implementing its long term strategy 'Sintra is Also Yours!' [http://www.dinamo.pt/downloads/regional_project_english_summary.pdf], officially recomended by Council of Europe, aiming at provide to young people tools, competences, activities conditions and alternatives in a way to promote, motivate, enhance, strengthen and facilitate their active participation in civil society.
Dínamo is tackling Youth Participation in different dimension, namely:
- Promoting activities targeting young people;
- Supporting young people in their initiatives;
- Providing learning opportunities through voluntary service and trainings;
- Promoting the quality of participation in youth organizations;
- Supporting young people's participation in decision-making processes;
- Promoting good practices and co-management mechanisms involving young people.
Directly linked with Youth Participation Dínamo is also active in Human Right Education, Education for Democratic Citizenship, Advocacy in the Youth Field and Recognition of Non Formal Education by developing projects and partnership at local, national and international level.
Dínamo cooperate with a large network of partners and institutions such as European Commission, Council of Europe and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Dínamo follows transversely - in its activities and processes - the principles of Non Formal Education.


The DARE network is the european NGO of providers of non formal Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights. It works with the aim to raise the voice for the needs and concerns of the EDC/HRE field by providing expert consultation, information and guidance with pedagogical practice, policy making and research.
DARE currently consits of 48 members in 27 European countries.
In the EDC for ALL project DARE offers its capacity and expertise in game development, political expert knowledge, and contributes to setting the scene for the projects activities and results in a wider European context, via active involvement of its members, discussion of results in current european discourses, dissemination and exploitation via its information ressources and by providing feedback to the wider european EDC/HRE community.