Thursday, 12 June 2014

Conference: in Defense of Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights, Seville, 27/28 June 2014

In defense of Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights

In February 2013, hundreds of organizations, including DARE, signed a memorandum sent to the Council of Europe to denounce the elimination of Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights of the Spanish curriculum. We achieved a lot of support and international impact and we now need to request again the union of the organizations that signed the text to demand together, in a conference at Seville, that Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights is not an education that we can ignore and eliminate from any European official curriculum. We need European schools, now more than ever, to educate in important issues as the fight against poverty, racism, gender equality or the democratic values ​​that allow the creation of active and participatory citizens.

European Conference on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights
Sign up for the conference on 27 and 28 June in the Parliament of Andalusia (Seville) to defend an education based on democracy and human rights.
Different Spanish and European organizations will be attending this Conference to debate and reflect on the current Spanish and European situation. There will be two days of panel discussions that seek to give voice to all those organizations that are committed to democratic and human rights education. Political representatives will also attend the date and the final goal is to develop all together proposals to avoid the elimination of this education in Spain and in any other European country.

We can provide 1 night accommodation and travel cost (up to 250€) to every organization that wants to attend and participate in the Seville conference. We will soon send you the final program and the logistical information. As we have limited places available for reimbursement of costs, please confirm as soon as you can if you are interested in attend the conference.
What have we achieved so far?
A year after joining forces in this cause, we have made ​​progress in raising awareness of the problem, especially at the European level. Our complaint has been answered and supported by the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, exposed to the Unit of Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights of the Council of Europe, exposed at the European Parliament and the Spanish Parliament, we agreed with the Spanish State Council’s report on the issue and we won the support of hundreds of organizations from different countries.
All these steps are small victories raised thanks to the support and union of many organizations. We now want to involve as many organizations as we can in another effort to continue our fight and prove to the Spanish Administration the need to provide civic education ​​in all European countries to achieve a more participative, active and respectful society based on common democratic values.

Why do we have to keep fighting?
Because Spain cannot afford to stay out of an Education promoted by the Council of Europe that seeks to end with democratic disaffection in Europe.
Because there are many threats in our everyday realities : violence, intolerance, homophobia , corruption, loss of rights, public disaffection..
Because we need to educate new generations in democratic attitudes that allow active participation in matters that directly affect our lives.
Because only the development of critical consciousness can empower citizens to discuss, discern and act accordingly in situations that will determine their fate and behavior.

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