Friday, 12 September 2014

New teaching material on CRC for primary schools

The Danish Institute for Human Rights is pleased to share with you a manual on teaching children’s rights: "Sæt børns rettigheder på skoleskemaet" (2014)– (Put children’s rights on the school agenda). The manual targets teachers in the younger primary classes. It focuses specifically on Greenland’s schools, but can easily be adapted to other contexts. Our aim was to make a material which relates itself very close to the CRC and which is easy for teachers to get started at, especially in a context where there is no special subject for HRE. The material includes preparation and planning lists, fact sheets, easy version of CRC and exercises structured in themes around the CRC principles.

The manual is only in Danish and Greenlandic but we hope you will still find it interesting. Here is the link to the manual: