Wednesday, 17 December 2014

IX World Assembly of the International Council for Adult Education, June 11-14, 2015

We are writing to secure your participation and support for the IX World Assembly of the International Council for Adult Education that will take place in Montreal, from June 11 to 14, 2015.  As you know ICAE meets every four years to review the successes and challenges affecting adult learning and education, to share good practice and to identify strategic priorities, locally, regionally and globally for the next four years.  ICAE holds its General Assembly at the end of the World Assembly, at which its Executive is elected, and its strategic priorities are agreed.
The 2015 Assembly meets at a critical time, and we need to secure representation from members across the globe to respond to the challenges we face.  We will meet a month after the World Education Forum in Korea, and three months before the UN agrees new development goals for 2015-2030, including a commitment which we expect to ‘quality, inclusive education and lifelong learning’. 
We also meet at a time when we can see the collective failure to achieve the Education for All goals set in 2000, when hundreds of millions of young people and adults continue to be denied the human right to education.  We will address how best civil society can mobilise locally, nationally and globally, to secure adult learning and education to create the world we want.
More details of the event are attached to this letter.
There are three key ways you can help make the Assembly an exceptional success:
·         Sending   representatives/ delegates from your constituencies.
·         Helping secure globally representative participation in the assembly workshops and panels by funding delegate(s) from member organizations that will otherwise be unable to participate, 
·         Registering an activity in the 2 days program of the World Assembly
Indeed, every contribution will be welcomed and we will assure special visibility to the members that will join us in this endeavor and help us to ensure participation of all the diversity represented by ICAE.    

Do get in touch with us to discuss how you can support the Assembly by contacting
I look forward to seeing you in Montreal, if not before…
Katarina Popovic
ICAE Secretary General