Wednesday, 25 February 2015

New research report: monitoring education for global citizenship ...

DEEEP's shares its recent research publication "Monitoring Education for Global Citizenship: A Contribution to Debate" and to thank all of you who contributed to the research, either through hosting a discussion group and/or filling in the online questionnaire.

The report explores the opportunities and challenges for developing an appropriate monitoring framework which truly captures the holistic and transformative nature of Education for Global Citizenship (EfGC). The research builds on the EfGC conference in Brussels in June 2014 "Global Citizens for Education; Education for Global Citizenship" and is unique in that it brings to the fore practitioners perspectives on monitoring. The report first provides a conceptual overview as to what an Education for Global Citizenship might be, and then makes suggestions as to how to capture the philosophy and values of EfGC within a monitoring framework.

The findings were presented at the UNESCO GCED conference in Paris last week and have fed into discussions about the Global Citizenship Education goal within the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, including the online global consultation on GCE indicators lead by the Technical Advisory Group to the Education For All Steering Committee.

Please feel encouraged to send your feedback on the research and and feel invited to further explore and build on the ideas presented in this report within your local contexts!

Please feel share to share this report amongst your contacts and networks.

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DEEEP4 Research Officer

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