Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Handbook: Diversity Dynamics: Activating the Potential of Diversity in Trainings

Diversity Dynamics; 76 pages
MitOst Editionen 2014
The handbook published by MitOst Association empowers facilitators to develop diversity in their work with groups in every field of non-formal education. It promotes diversity and diversity consiousness as key issues in Human Rights and Democratic Citizenship Education, not only in youth education. Under contribution from different experts and practitioners in non-formal education. The content includes:
  • Facilitator’s attitude and self-reflection
  • DiversityABC
  • Diversity and Me
  • The Group and Me
  • Society and Me
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The Editors

Heike Fahrun is a freelance trainer in youth and adult education, working primarily in the international field. Her focus is on project management in the non profit-sector, train-the-trainer, and intercultural/diversity learning. 

Eliza Skowron is a co-founder of Working Between Cultures and a trainer. She works with diverse groups across the globe mainly on the topics of Intercultural Competence with an Anti-Bias Approach and Constructive Communication.

Nils-Eyk Zimmermann is a program manager at the MitOst Association. He coordinates programs in the field of active citizenship and is an expert in civil society and non-formal learning.

Monday, 9 March 2015

EU funding - new beginner's guide

As far as EU funding is concerned it is hard to gain an overview, especially for beginners. Therefore it is a good idea to try and aggregate respective information. That's what the Commission tries to do with the "Beginner's Guide to EU Funding".