Friday, 25 September 2015

ENGAGE members materials - Volunteering Matters

ENGAGE - Building together European learning material on Education for Citizenship

We continue the blog entries with materials connected with ENGAGE created by the members of the consortium.

Volunteering Matters, ENGAGE member from UK is by itself a strong consortium of experts from different networks.

David Kerr, Consultant Director of Education, is part of this consortium. He is behind the Citizenship Foundation.

Citizenship Foundation-

The Citizenship Foundation inspires young people to take part in society as equal members. They help them to understand the law, politics and democratic life. They promote participation, help teachers to teach citizenship and work with young people on issues that concern them. They want society to be fairer, more inclusive and more cohesive. They want a democracy in which everyone has the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take part as effective citizens.

Their website includes a wide range of citizenship material that is currently used in the classroom. The material covers the full age range of compulsory education as well as SEN and adult education. The website also provides free access to publications and academic work on the area of citizenship education.

This was one of the examples from our UK member past creations, in the next blog entry we will continue with more of the partners.

Monday, 21 September 2015

COE materials on EDC/HRE

Who is not familiar with the principles of democratic citizenship and human rights? Valuing diversity, including everyone, giving everybody equal chances. They all play a big role in building fair and peaceful societies.

But are these principles actually applied in real life?

It’s up to each and every one of us to make sure that they are. All citizens need to have their say in the decisions which affect themselves and their communities.

What can we all do to make these ideals possible, and above all, how can education be of help?

For all those involved in teaching democratic skills – schools, families, youth associations and individuals – the Council of Europe has a collection of free and easy to use resources.

The children’s brochure Charter for all and the poster “Democracy and Human Rights Start with us!” are available online and as hard copies in a number of languages specified on the website.

source: COE

Friday, 18 September 2015

ENGAGE members materials - Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten (AdB)

ENGAGE - Building together European learning material on Education for Citizenship

We continue the blog entries with materials connected with ENGAGE that are relevant in the members of the consortiums national context.

The following are three websites connected to children right education in Germany.

The HANISAULAND (engl Hipharppigland) (engl version:

"Hipharpigland" is a easy entry resource run by the federal agency for civic education. A children’s Internet site with orienting towards a a political theme. The name "Hipharpigland" refers to the land of hippos, hares and pigs. These animals, together with others in a comic, have lots of funny and exciting adventures. The inhabitants of hipharppigland are all trying to run a democracy together. There is already a government with Chancellor Barbara Broadfoot, Foreign Minister Earnest and Interior Minister Harold. But actually there is not much else that works.

The website includes a lot of games, resources, films, materials which are designed for childrens use and help the to develop media cpompetences as well as learn about politics and critical refelction about media.

There is a teachers/school- section with tons of materials for use in school, as well as a parents section that helps adults understanding how they can assist their children.


This is a web based resource on childrens rights supporting and enabling schools, which is run by the organization MAKISTA (MAcht KInder STArk, engl:  make children become strong).

The site offers resources on the process of developing childrens rights enabling schools.


And KinderPolitik

Is a resource offered by the german section of UNICEF. It contains a large compendium of concrete resources, tools and methods on children and young peoples´ participation, that can be applied in any educational and beyond context.

This were just some of our German member past creations, in the next blog entry we will continue with more of the members.

EDC for ALL project launches website at Forum de Juventude Algarve, Portugal (16-20.Sept 2015)

At the final Workshop of the EDC for ALL partnership in Faro/Portugal the project partners conducted a training on the newly developed educational games S/intro (card gae) and Filosu (dice game) in the frame of the Algare Youth Forum. Also during the Youth forum the new project website was launched. The website contains all educational materials and games developed in the project.
Coming slowly into its final stage the partnership agreed at the final tasks to be conducted in the frame of the project EDC for ALL, which are the print and send out of educational materials and the manufacturing of the two educational games S/intro and ja!do.

Friday, 11 September 2015

ENGAGE members materials - Cives Foundation

ENGAGE - Building together European learning material on Education for Citizenship - is a project organized by 11 organizations from the European Union with expertise in education for citizenship for pupils aged 8-12 and their teachers.

During the following blog entries we will share some of the previously created tools by these organizations.

The first one that we are showing you is from Cives Foundation. is a website teaching human rights and participation to Spanish Children.

With information on gender equality, nationality, health, family, education, free time, participation and many other children rights, Rayuela is a tool with games and interactive applications. It also shares external links of good movies and books for supporting children education.

Next week we continue with more tools from our ENGAGE members, stay tuned.