Friday, 25 September 2015

ENGAGE members materials - Volunteering Matters

ENGAGE - Building together European learning material on Education for Citizenship

We continue the blog entries with materials connected with ENGAGE created by the members of the consortium.

Volunteering Matters, ENGAGE member from UK is by itself a strong consortium of experts from different networks.

David Kerr, Consultant Director of Education, is part of this consortium. He is behind the Citizenship Foundation.

Citizenship Foundation-

The Citizenship Foundation inspires young people to take part in society as equal members. They help them to understand the law, politics and democratic life. They promote participation, help teachers to teach citizenship and work with young people on issues that concern them. They want society to be fairer, more inclusive and more cohesive. They want a democracy in which everyone has the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take part as effective citizens.

Their website includes a wide range of citizenship material that is currently used in the classroom. The material covers the full age range of compulsory education as well as SEN and adult education. The website also provides free access to publications and academic work on the area of citizenship education.

This was one of the examples from our UK member past creations, in the next blog entry we will continue with more of the partners.