Saturday, 30 April 2016

Human Rights Education Indicator Framework now available in English, French and Spanish

Human Rights Education Indicator Framework
The Human Rights Education Indicator Framework: Key indicators to monitor and assess the implementation of human rights education and training is now available in French and Spanish, in addition to the English version that appeared in 2015.
This resource provides a framework of indicators for civil society organisations, national human rights institutions and government bodies as well as United Nations mechanisms to examine the presence and quality of human rights education policies and practices. The framework aims to support a review of the status of human rights education within national planning, the formal education sector, and the training of professional groups. It is a means of understanding the scale and quality of such practices and identifying gaps and areas for improvement.
The Human Rights Education Indicator Framework is available for download at Sections of the framework that are relevant to key sectors can be downloaded individually.  In the upcoming months, the HRE 2020 website will also provide additional monitoring resources, such as examples of human rights education-related surveys based on the Indicator Framework.
HRE 2020 is a civil society coalition that supports and strengthens the implementation of international commitments to human rights education. It seeks to ensure a systematic monitoring of governments implementation of human rights education provisions in international human rights instruments, including the UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training and the World Programme for Human Rights Education. DARE member HREA is a founding member of the coalition, together with Amnesty International and Soka Gakkai International. DARE is also a member.