Thursday, 22 September 2016

CHANGE: Combining History Learning and Human Rights Education (12 October-22 November 2016)

For the second time, HREA will be offering the e-learning course "CHANGE: Combining History Learning and Human Rights Education". This six-week online course will be oriented towards the introduction and use of a new handbook for blending history education and human rights education. Through the application of critical pedagogy, this combination strengthens our understanding of actors, structures and processes of (in)justice in the past and present, and encourages us to take action to influence changes in the future.

The course will begin with an orientation towards the handbook concept and the key principles of this blended approach. For the ensuing weeks of the course, examples will be shared from different sectors — teacher preparation institutions/higher education, middle/high schools, higher education, non-formal learning and museum/memorial sites. Throughout the course, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their own practices in history, citizenship and human rights education. Learners will develop an applied final project, which can be a unit or training program that blends history learning and human rights education adapted from current practice or an example shared in the course.

Course outline

Week 1. Introduction to the blended approach to history learning and human rights education
Week 2. Critical pedagogy and methodologies of the blended approach
Week 3. History learning and HRE in the formal education sector
Week 4. History learning and HRE in the non-formal education sector
Week 5. History learning and HRE at museums and memorial sites
Week 6. History learning and HRE in higher education (with a focus on teacher preparation)

This e-learning course is part of the project “Historical Learning meets Human Rights Education: A Combined Approach to Exploring the History of National Socialism”, funded by the German Remembrance, Responsibility and Future Foundation.

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