Saturday, 10 December 2016

"A pen for Europe" - Erasmus students give their vision of the European Union

Art and writing project to celebrate the Erasmus programme’s 30th anniversary in 2017

The project is inviting students and participants to the Erasmus+ programme to take part in an artistic and journalistic project to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the programme. Entitled "A pen for Europe" the project allows participants to publish an artistic work (caricature, drawing, painting) and/or an article, a photo/video/radio/TV report expressing their opinion, their questions, and what they expect of the EU in a globalized world, on the basis of their Erasmus experience.  

Participants are asked to answer the following questions: 
On the basis of your Erasmus experience… 
• What has the European Union given you? 
• What do you expect of the European Union? 
• How can the European Union meet the challenges set by today’s society?

The CARICATURES, ARTICLES and VIDEO REPORTS produced are published on: 

To know more about the project and how to take part:

Coordinator: André Bossuroy
E-mail:  T+3219632663
With the support from the European Parliament and in partnership with Erasmus+ Agencies and students networks in Europe.