DARE Educators

DARE is an NGO an is the European network concerned specifically with education for democratic citizenship and human rights education, two fields which are intertwined and support each other. DARE members and their networks of educators hold a consistent educational experience in these two fields and DARE network is committed to search for ways to valorise it.

Out of this need of valorising the expertise existent in the network, the idea of building a community of educators was born: COMED - the Community of Educators.


The aim of DARE community of educators is twofold:
  • to offer a space of meaningful dialogue and exchange among educational professionals in the field of Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education from the networks of DARE member organisations
  • to deliver the mission of Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education in the education sector all over Europe.


In the framework of DARE community of educators, various professionals in the field of education can ask for or provide:
  • information about training courses on EDC/HRE related topics
  • information on methods and resources for EDC/HRE
  • advice, support, mentoring to/from peers.
  • dialogue and inspiration from diverse educational contexts of EDC/HRE


Oana Bajka (board member): oana.bajka@intercultural.ro