DARE membership

The DARE network is creating a European platform for Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) and Human Rights Education (HRE). It is engaging in networking and supporting cooperation of EDC/HRE practitioners, stakeholders and policy makers beyond project oriented approach.

In the name of our 36 members we  are advocating for visibility, recognition, and adequate resources to sustain the future of education for democracy and human rights in Europe.

Who is already a member?

Have a look on the organizations involving in the DARE network and on our founding document:

The benefits of DARE membership

  • Membership of the only Europe-wide network of organizations focused exclusively on promoting and conducting EDC/HRE in Europe.
  • Sharing of resources, good practices and lessons learned with over 250 EDC/HRE practitioners during DARE networking and training events.
  • Membership of a European network that is recognised by the Council of Europe as a NGO counterpart in EDC/HRE and is member of the Fundamental Rights Agency Platform
  • Membership of the European Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP), the platform of European educational networks directly cooperating with the EC DG EAC
  • Access to information from the relevant political levels in Europe.
  • Opportunity to spread information through e-DARE (quarterly) and the DARE social media channels, which reach thousands of stakeholders interested in EDC/HRE in Europe.
  • Collaboration, exchange and joint partnership programs among network members in joint European projects.

How to become a member?

  • Read the criteria for membership and fill in the organisation profile [docx]. 
  • Send your organisation profile to the DARE secretariate. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.
After receiving all information DARE's board will soon have a vote to accept your organisation as prospective member and inform you on the vote. On DARE's annual General Assembly the members take the final decision on your membership.

Membership fee

The membership fee depends on the size of the organisation's annual budget:
100 € (annual budget < 50.000 €)
250 € (annual budget 50.000 - 250.000 €)
750 € (annual budget > 250.000 €)

Criteria for membership in DARE

  1. An organisation which works in the field of EDC and HRE. This must be backed up by evidence of educational practice undertaken in the field.
  2. First preference to NGOs (non-profit organisations) with registration as appropriate in the country of origin.
  3. Prospective members will be expected to agree to the Constitution [pdf] and the Antwerp Declaration and to act accordingly.
  4. Prospective members will be expected to pay the annual subscription for the first year (100,00 € irrespective of the size of the annual budget) on demand.
  5. Prospective members are required to send their annual report for the previous year and new organisations are required to send a work plan for at least the coming year.
  6. Prospective members are expected to play an active role in the DARE Network.