Policy recommendations

From practice into policy - our policy recommendations express the opinions of our members and advocate for better Human Rights and Democratic Citizenship Education.

Current recommendations in 2016/17

  • Modernising Education in European Democracies - DARE communication to the European Parliament on modernisation of education (November 2017) [online] [pdf, 450 kb]
  • Revising the LLL key competences framework (May 2017) [online] [pdf, 180 kb]
  • Joint Report on the Implementation of the Strategic Framework for European cooperation in Education and Training (ET 2020) - a non-formal Education for Democratic Citizenship perspective (April 2016) [online] [pdf, 430 kb]
  • DARE position to the Post-Paris-Process in Europe (April 2016) [online] [pdf, 200 kb]
  • DARE recommendations on the EU Action Plan for Human Rights ...more 

Past Recommendations

  • DARE recommendations on the third Phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education ...more
  • Making the Case for European Citizenship Education – reflection on the European Year of Citizenship (2013) ...more 
  • Rethinking Education: DARE Board Opinion (September 2013) [online] [pdf, 84 kb]
  • Erasmus for All - points from the DARE Network that should be considered (April 2012) [online] [pdf, 66 kb]
  • Active Citizenship Education as Guiding Principle for Lifelong Learning (Vilnius, July 2010) [online] [pdf, 226 kb]
  • Validation and Assessment Strategies in Non-Formal Learning”, Policy Recommendations (Vilnius, July 2010) [online] [pdf, 307 kb] 
  • Tackling Poverty and Social Exclusion through EDC/HRE", Policy Recommendations (Glasgow, March 2010) [online] [pdf, 140 kb
  • For a strong Citizenship and Human Rights Perspective: DARE recommendations to the Education and Culture Commission of the European Parliament (April 2009) [pdf, 67 kb]
  • Citizenship and Human Rights Education and Intercultural Dialogue (2009) [pdf, 46 kb
  • DARE and EAEA on the European Year of Citizenship through Education (2005) [pdf]